Car prep

Over the last few weeks, I have been in the garage on and off doing a number of jobs.

  • Trimmed the rear bumper, to tidy it up and reduce weight
  • Removed a number of brackets from the rear part of the shell, for more weight saving.
  • Seam welding in the rear of the car
  • The rear shocks have been back to Spax for a re-build and are now fitted back.
  • The rear strut brace, has had a new adjuster machined for it which improves its strength. Also the mounts for this have been properly welded to the shell, instead of being fitted with tek bolts.
  • Cleaned the door squares, removing all old residual glue.
  • Added new towing eye stickers
  • Fitted new LED number plate bolts, again saving weight, and removed the rear Nissan badge.
  • Improved ECU mounting
  • Improved engine breathing pipework and changed breather filter.
  • Prepped new driveshafts, with competition spec CV grease.

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