Car Trial

So with the purchase of a cheap ‘play’ car, we had to find an event to use it on. So the day after buying a MGZR 160VVC, we were heading to Essex to compete on a Car Trial.

The event started off very wet, and on the long grass the cars wide 17″ wheels were rather useless. However the morning dried out and we were soon onto the hills and making good progress.

The MGZR isn’t the best car for trials, as it has limited steering lock and the disc rear brakes mean the handbrake isn’t much use. However this meant we have to be careful in how we drove the hills, and the cars torque which is available at very low revs is very useful.

During the day we started to pull away from the Yaris in our class, which was pleasing and onto the last set of hills Suze and I were just one point apart. By luck and good fortune I managed to do well on one hill, which off set my poor attempt at another hill, which in the end left me winning the class by one point.

So two Sunday’s and two class wins, in real grass roots motorsport 🙂


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