Wethersfield Targa Rally

It was back to Wethersfield airfield once again, this time for a targa rally. It had been over two years since we had last done a targa rally.

The day started off cold and windy but thankfully dry. The first run of tests took some getting back into the mind-set of a targa rally. These are quite navigational, with the navigator having to do a lot of work to ensure the correct route is taken. The tests were well designed and had a good mix of tight technical stuff, and some nice fast and flowing parts. Essentially something for everyone in the tests.

The great thing with targa rallies is that you can swap seats, so I got to navigate Suze as well as drive.

As the day progressed we got back on track, and the second and third sets of tests were much more back on the pace. I managed to set many top ten times, including a 3rd fastest and 2nd fastest test time. The car was running really well, responding to everything we needed, though I suspect in some faster parts our standard tyres were losing out to those running sticky List 1C tyres.

After my usual motorsport lunch (bacon cheese burger!) the weather changed with heavy rain coming making it harsh for the marshals (many thanks to all marshals, who allowed us to have our fun). This also changed the nature of the tests, with grip much more at a premium.

By the end of the day I finished up 9th overall and 2nd in class driving and 17th overall and 3rd in class navving for Suze.


(c) M&H Photography


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