Bombing along

Last weekend I set off to MOD Debden for the WAC/WSMC Bomb-along Targa rally. For this I used the MGZR 160 VVC.

Leaving home in the small wee hours, it was very cold and icy in places. I picked up my newbe nav Haydn Marks and we headed round the M25 & M11 to Debden. As a venue Debeden is very varied and has a real mix of good and bad tarmac, old concrete, gravel and mossy mud. All in all a good mix for a good days sport.

Arriving at Debden we adjusted the handbrake, so that it was  working just about. Sadly rear discs are ideal for high speed work, but it means the handbrake is at best ‘not great’. However it was better than before after using the special adjustment technique from Jamie Turner of the Rover Centre. The only other job was to fit the Umbongo tyres.                       The MGZR we got was a good deal, as it included a number of useable tyres to scrub out on days like this. For this event we had four of Umbongo’s finest tyres on the car and I think four different makes. But they were black, round and held air (just) so ideal for scrubbing out, if not ideal for grip….

The first set of tests, was a learning experience a) for Haydn in what was his first ever Targa rally and b) for me re-learning the venue. The tests were mostly quite tight, and slippy in places, but there were a few places where you could use the engine’s grunt.

The rest of the runs on the day were all quite uneventful, with no real drama’s mechanical or driving wise. The venue did dry out a bit (though it didn’t warm up at all..) which did assist with the grip levels.

By the end of the day we finished 14th overall and 9th in class, which given the crews we were out against, and the fact that some of these crews spent more on tyres than the complete value of the car we were using was a success.



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