A foggy night out

A last minute entry into Oxford MC’s 12 Car last night (16th Dec) saw us out in the MGZR for a thrash around the lanes of Brackley.

Suze agreed to nav for me, I had prepped the MGZR ready for the event with a newly acquired front strut brace and some additional internal LED lighting to  help with the plotting earlier in the week.

At the start as the drivers briefing was going on it became clear that the fog had descended heavily and the thrash would be more of a challenge….

Chris the event CoC had found some excellent roads for us to use including a great fun white. However we were all against a much bigger challenge, seeing where to go! At times visibility was down to less than 10ft, which made making back time so much more challenging.

The event for us worked out well, Suze did a top job on the maps, working out timings and all the other work that nav’s have to do, as well as keeping me on the right road.Even on a night like this I still had the easier job!

During much of the night we seemed to be running on our own, which makes it hard to judge how you are doing against the others. However by the end of a tough 60 miles, we returned back to the start/finish venue to swap tales of struggling to see where we were going, how we coped with the navigation, plus all the usual rally talk.

Then came to the results, and we found we had won the event by 25mins from the next crew. This came as a real shock, as our prep work was rushing to WHSmiths to buy a map, highlighting grid no’s in the pub over dinner and off we went.

The MGZR proved its worth once again, being great fun to drive and the only obvious issue being a OSR puncture which very luckily didn’t strike till we got home – or that lead could have been a lot smaller…

This being my last event of year, is a great way of signing of my motorsport year, which has been very successful.

Three outright wins in differing clubmans events is very satisfying, as well as securing the AEMC/ASEMC 1400 Stage Rally Championship. Hopefully all these various events, will mean I can secure the Chelmsford MC clubmans championship which has been a real tough battle this year.


Here you can see the MGZR in action on a previous event.


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