One of four

It seems like a good while since I last updated the blog. Since the sprint, the MGZR has been busy with a 20/20 and a Scatter rally. The 20/20 was all ok, until I got very lost on the maps…. The scatter rally was a better outcome with 4th overall, and it was a good shakedown for the new suspension.

Whilst I have been away from the blog, I have stripped a Rover 200 for its Gaz competition suspension. This is now fitted to the MGZR along with some polybushes and new drop links.


Now onto the first of four events in two weeks (a autosolo, autotest, stage rally and targa rally) this was a local autosolo run by Oxford motorclub, at a local old airfield.

The tests run by Oxford MC are nice and flowing and don’t require the use of the handbrake, which is useful since ours is useless. The MGZR is well suited to events like this, although on one of the first tests I did find it is a bit bigger than the Micra and clipped a cone. The first results were ok, but not anything special. However the next set of tests worked better for me, and I got more used to the car. Gradually as the day went on, I got more in tune with the car and was able to really push on.

By the end of the day I was 19th overall, (11th clubman) and 2nd in class, which given the amount of time I gave away on the first set of tests was ok.

Here you can see some on-board of the final test.

The next event, is just a few days away at the first 7Oaks Grass autotest at Brands Hatch. Watch this space for two of four!


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