Two of four – Grass Autotest

Driving around the M25 heading towards Kent on a Thursday evening is never much fun, but with rain starting to come down it made for a more interesting evening…

The tests at Brands Hatch are short and sharp, but with this being the first event of the year and the rain it was very ‘green’ and very slippery. The upside of this is that the handbrake worked on the MGZR. Due to a 8pm curfew on the venue, we got straight on with doing the tests.


Grip was at an obvious premium, but with some careful use of the throttle and handbrake good progress could be made. The tests were flowing and not too tough as it was the first event of the year. However you could easily be caught out, by a bump in the grass or even a section of long grass which retained the rain water, which then send you off into a big slide – fun but not fast…

Although I tried to keep the car neat and tidy, the changing nature of the grip meant that this wasn’t easy. With the car being double driven, this meant I had no real idea how well others around me were doing. So after packing up the car, I went over to look at the results and was very surprised to find that I had finished 10th overall and 1st in class.


Think I may need to wash the car before the Targa Rally….


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