Four of four

Well the four event in a short period of time was a Targa Rally. These are singe venue events, with a selection of short one or two mile long driving tests.

This even was running a Woodbridge airfield, a venue we know well but a long way from home. Thankfully we choose to use the MGZR, which means a) we only need to take one car and b) it is sooo much quieter and nicer to drive on the road compared to the Micra.

Looking at the maps after signing on it became clear the navigator would have a tough job. Airfields by their nature are often lacking in features, which can mean finding a route which isn’t arrowed or clear is not straight forward.

On the first runs this proved to be the case, however we found our way round and I avoided any cones.

The second run of the tests, felt to be a lot better and I was able to push the car on much harder. These proved to be the most enjoyed set of tests of the day.

The 2017 Tostig Targa Rally 19

After lunch the tests were reversed, however although we mostly knew where we were going. The issues were that the venue was getting broken up in places, this would be fine in a fully prepared rally car. However in the MGZR which is mostly a standard road car with no sumpguard it did mean we had to take compromised routes around the rougher parts of the airfield, which cost us time sadly.

After a bit of a slow start, our times improved as the day went on and we finished 8th overall and 5th in class.


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