A double header weekend

It was to be a very full weekend, a Autosolo on the Saturday and a Targa Rally on the Sunday.

The autosolo was running as part of the Abingdon Carnival weekend. It was a new event for me, though the test layouts were similar to other autosolos, each venue has it’s own quirks. Wind was this venues one! All day long there was a very strong wind blowing across the airfield, which made the marshaling element of the day cold at times.

The event was a BTRDA & CSMG Championship round which meant there would be plenty of top crews out to play. The MGZR is a good car for these events although with a standard diff, the power is sometimes a little too much. You do also have to adapt to a smoother driving style as the rear-disc brakes are good at speed but the handbrake is as much use as a chocolate fire guard… This does force me into a smoother driving style though which has to be a good thing.

By the end of a fun and challenging day I ended up 13th overall (9th in the Nat B event) and 6th in class. Typically for me I finished the day a lot faster than I started it, especially when the class was close at the end of the day.


(C) Ian Harrison

On to the next event on the Sunday, which was a brand new event. A targa rally running at Kemble airfield, organised by Bath MC.

The venue used a small section of the airfield, and the organisers arranged for 6 tests running through the day. Although the test mileage / time was lower than other similar events, with double driving I was kept busy all day.

Running at Car 4 was ideal as it means you can watch a couple other cars and the marshals have been woken up by the cars ahead of you. The changes to the tests were subtle and this meant that you had to be very on the ball after each test to spot the changes. As the day went on we (Antons on the maps) worked up the leader board through a mixture of consistent speed and ensuring we went the right way. By the end test 4 we were lying second overall, however during the 5th test a small rock on the gravel section of the tests caused a puncture which cost me a fair chunk of time. By the end of the day I was tired (annoyed at the puncture) but pleased with a fun days rallying and considering the puncture still a good result at 6th overall.



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