A busy weekend

This time it was a busy weekend working on the cars, rather than driving them.

As ever there is always a list of jobs to be done (see ‘the list’ in the top menu to see what), a rare weekend at home meant it was a good chance to catch up on jobs on both competition cars.

The MGZR was the first up, with some DTM mirrors to be fitted, these are much lighter than the OEM ones, and a smaller profile to reducing frontal area (aero drag) and also they make the car narrower which is handy for those taller cones… 😉

Then it was on to trying to stop the fuel vaporising issues which came up whilst running Car 0 on the East Anglian Classic. A new fuel pump relay had already been fitted, so the next jobs were to heat wrap the fuel lines and coolant pipes which run very near each other. I also heat wrapped the fuse/relay box as this got very hot too. The MGZR doesn’t have any heat guards around the exhaust which runs close to the fuel tank, so this can’t be helping either by heating the tank by radiant heat. Some additional heat wrapping (with two lots of adhesive) , now see’s the fuel tank protected from radiant heat from the exhaust.

Whilst working under the car, I treated the floor and sills to a quick coat of black spray paint to try and keep the rust at bay.

As a way of removing weight, and prep for an upcoming sump guard fitment, I removed the sound proofing from the front floor pans. The drivers side was very easy with it coming up in large pieces, the navs side was lets just say a lot more work….! However it was worth it as along with the lighter mirrors saw nearly 4.5kgs removed from the car over the weekend 🙂

A small niggle, but I don’t like seeing red warning lights on the dash (it makes me think the oil light is on!), with us removing the ABS fuse to get better braking this was giving an error red light. So the warning bulbs were removed, a small weight saving and no error lights – a win win situation 🙂

Then it was on to the Micra, which hadn’t really moved or seen daylight for a couple of months. The first job was to change rear pads, and carry out a rear bolt check. Next was to paint the floor, which like the MG was to try and keep rust at bay.

Then it was time to bleed the rear brakes, I will now be running Motul 660 Racing Brake fluid in an attempt to improve the braking capacity. This was done in-between keeping up to date with an ever changing Grand Prix on the iPad.

Bleeding brakes can take quite a while (using the gravity method), so I used the time to clean the engine bay and spanner check it, and re-paint the front towing eye.

Finally it was time to prime and paint the new front brake calipers, again as a way to try and improve the braking capacity brand new brake calipers have been bought (old ones, are scrap heap specials).

If you look at the ‘the list’ you will see there is still plenty left to do…!

You can see a picture video version on the above here :-




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