A muddy day

Last Sunday we headed off to the Oxford MC annual grass autotest in the MGZR, on the way down it looked like a nice summers day…. However this England, and sure enough some dark clouds soon gathered once the event got started.

I was lucky and got one run on test one in before the rain started. The field being used was damp and soft before the event, so when the rain came in heavy it turned the grass field in to a real mud pit. This made just getting moving hard work at times.


(c) Harvey Warner

The event was a good social afternoon, with a BBQ half-way through the proceedings. The wet and muddy conditions, did mean that it was good fun and it was a great chance to practice slow speed four wheel drifts, and abusing the handbrake. The downside was having to spend a fair while at the jet wash on the way home removing all the mud & grass from the wheel arches and all under the car.

By the end of the day I ended up 8th overall and 2nd in class.

In Micra news the next ‘event’ out in the Micra will be a track at Castle Combe later in the month. This will be a chance to get some high speed running and a chance to do a bit of car and driver development.

After that the next event is Wethersfield Stages, an event last year where we took 3rd in class after a tight battle. Hopefully this year with a faster  start to the event we will be able to improve on last years result.

However before then there are still quite a few jobs to be done, see ‘The List’ for details of work still to be done.

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