Wethersfield Stages

It had been quite a while since the last stage rally in Micra, during this time. A fair bit of work had been done on improving the front brakes.  All parts of the front braking system were replaced, and new custom made new Mintex (F4R) pads were fitted in the hope that it would solve the issues from previous events.

As a bit of fun and a pre-event shakedown we did a track day at Castle Combe the weekend before. This was good fun, running on some List 1A tyres it was good to experience some proper high speed running and a good test of the brakes which worked fine. It was also good fun to ‘beat’ many other faster cars including Clio’s, Elise’s and even an Evo 7 which I kept behind me for a whole session 🙂

One issue did occur during the track day which was the lamda sensor failing, so in between events I fitted a new sensor.

Driving the rally car to scrutineering it became clear that there was still a sensor issue as the car was drinking fuel and running very rich. Scurtineering was fine, but the rich running proved to be an issue at the noise check. Luckily we setup service next to Ian Mepham and the Newton’s who swung into action and with a SuperTrapp fitted we got through noise. Oddly the car was no louder when flat out, but at 4k revs and part throttle it wasn’t so good.

On to the event, it was a very hot day so it would be a good test of the brakes. Luckily all the new parts and improved ducting worked and the brakes worked fine all during our running. The Supertrapp on the back of the exhaust clearly was sapping some power and make the engine harder to rev. So we were running around mid table overall and 4th in class.


During the middle of stage 4 is where it all went wrong during the first lap of the stage the clutch started slipping. Luckily we were able to limp the car back to service, but it was clear when back in service there was a lot of oil coming out of somewhere and it was likely that this oil leak was the cause of the clutch slipping. This now means a fair bit of work….

There is no video allowed on the venue so on-boards from this event, but here is some from the track day.



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