Oxford MC Autotest

Once again Oxford MC were running one of their Autosolo / Autotests at one of our closest venues, Finmere airfield.


The forecast for last Sunday made it look like boats would be quicker than cars, but luckily although there was a lot of overnight rain the day stayed mostly dry.

For this event I was doing the PCA to allow my brother-in-law to passenger for me, this was to allow him some extra runs as this was to be his first ever competitive motorsport event.

To start with the tests were very wet and slippery, we soon found that the course got more slippery at the cars pulled out mud from between the old concrete slabs. This placed car control at a premium, and would also show up the lack of a LSD in the MGZR we were using.


As the morning progressed the route dried out, and the times dropped and the tests became more enjoyable.

Over lunch the wind got up, and this allowed the course to fully dry out. So after lunch I really pushed on and set come competitive times, with the car feeling very good and responsive. Though it did wear out the front tyres…


A quick wheel/tyre change, and it was off to the final set of tests. The group I was in were running last and the rain just started for my runs. Luckily this didn’t cause too many issues, and by the end of the event I finished up 1st overall in the Autotest and 12th overall in the full combined event.

Here is the final run of test 2 just before lunch.



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