One and half duty

Another weekend, which was almost full of motorsport.

The first event was an Autosolo at Bovingdon, due to planning restrictions this was a half day event in the morning.


The tighter test

The event still managed to run six tests, which were a mix of fast and flowing to a tighter and more technical one. Strangely for me I was more competitive on the tighter test, setting a few overall fastest times. By the end of the event I finished 2nd overall and 2nd in class (experience based class).


The following day it was an early start to head off once again to Debden, this time for a Autotest. This event followed the usual format for these AMSC events, with a number of tests running alongside the Autosolo.

The tests were a real mixture of tight and technical, to the very fast and flowing. The fast and flowing tests were a great challenge, and a real test of nerve and traction.

The event was going well until I managed to wrong route on one of the tests, this cost me 20 seconds in my overall times. Luckily I have a healthy lead by this time, but it did compromise my overall position.

By the end of the event, I took the overall win in the Autotest by 32 seconds, and finished 8th overall in the combined event.

In Micra news the engine and gearbox are currently away at Matt Humphris being worked on. The engine is pretty worn out, and needs a lot of new parts. It will have a new block, which will be honed. The pistons will have new rings, and the block will have a slight skim to improve the compression ratio. The gearbox was the cause the clutch issues at Wethersfield, the input shaft bearing had completely died allowing 1/2″ of movement. The LUK clutch though was in good condition apart from being contaminated with oil! The a new gearbox will have the diff fitted to it, along with new bearings and a lower final drive (4.92) which should improve acceleration. Whilst the engine and gearbox are out, I have seam welded up the engine bay, and made my own polybush gearbox mount.Hopefully the engine and gearbox will be back soon from Matt, and I can get working on getting the car ready for Rockingham.


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