Bonfire Targa Rally

For the final targa rally of the year, it was another return to Wethersfield airfield. After previous visits this year both of which gave car issues just being able to drive the car home in one working piece would be a good starting point.

We were seeded at Car 6, which is an ideal road position to be running in as the marshals are awake and ready for you and there are a few tyre tracks to follow. Wethersfield is always damp and slippery at this time of year, and this event was no different. I used my so far tried and tested tyre setup of the Pilot Sport 3 tyres (cheap List 1A, ex Ginetta race tyres) on the front and some of Umbongos finest on the rear. However this proved to be rather too much of a loose rear end. This lead to some rather lurid slides, a spin and sadly a fair bit of time lost. Being a first driver is always a disadvantage, as you end up finding your way through the tests. Luckily in these tests, they were well designed, and in the main this made little overall difference in the results by the end of the day.

After the first set of tests, we changed to run the Pilot Sport 3 tyres all round, instantly this gave a lot more grip and more importantly confidence in the car. With this improved confidence and grip, I was able push the car harder and during the rest of the day my times were a lot more competitive. With targa tests being all quite short, and the competition across the capacity (75) entry being very tight I need to improve my confidence and competitiveness straight away from test 1. Once again, I ended up spending the rest of the day trying to make up for lost ground.

Thankfully the ZR behaved itself all day, and proved to be very competitive once again as I set one fastest and 6 top 5 test times. Though this was finished up with a late spin on the final test when I was pushing just that bit too hard and ran wide slightly on to some grass with the rear of the car which resulted in us doing a rather high speed pirouette.

By the end of the event I finished up 7th overall as a driver and 12th overall navigating for Suze (who navved for me).


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