With the MGZR back on the road (see other post), it was time to get back in the driving seat. After nearly four months away from the driving seat, it was time to get back into driving mode.

Time for a double header weekend. It started off with the Brakefast Autosolo at Bovingdon airfield. This was an ideal way to get back into things, as it is a local event and due to venue planning constraints a morning only event. The ZR now has a working handbrake (see other post), which makes this sort of event easier and of course more enjoyable. There was a capacity entry for the event, and it was pleasing to see a real mix of cars, and competitors with many newcomers to the sport. Cars such as a Merc 190E Cosworth, a AE86 and a Auris Hybrid (driven by three family members) all making for an interesting event. The venue allows for two tests to run at once, one which is quite open and flowing, the other one is smaller and tighter and almost like a continuous circle.

The morning soon went by, and although I was a little too sideways at times getting used to having a working handbrake the pace was there. By the end of the event I finished 2nd overall and 2nd in class. This is the second time in a row I have had this result at this venue, I really must try and go one better next time!


The next day it was an early start and off to Debden for more of the same, but a whole day event. Sadly videos and photo’s are not allowed as it is a live MOD venue (home of EOD). The tests at Debden are a bit tighter and require a bit more precision, which isn’t always my strong point. The other difference with these events compared to other Autosolos is that all runs count, so hitting cones or going the wrong way is costly as I was to prove….. The morning went well enough, though I was feeling rather tired by now. After lunch is when it went wrong, I managed to hit a cone on one test and get a wrong route on the test where I have done almost the same thing before last year. This cost me quite a lot of time. By the end of the day I finished 9th overall and 3rd in class, that wrong route costing me about 3 places overall and 2nd in class.


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