For 2018 we agreed that Suze would drive on stage rallies, and I would navigate. This would allow us to still chase the AEMC/ASEMC & ACSMC regional championships, but in different seats.

The first event was Brands Hatch, which was very typically wet and cold. The day went well for us, however as the day wore on it got wet enough to try the wets we had been carrying for years. These were a bit of an unknown as they were bought second hand from a racer who was worried he had locked up on them once…. They were made by Dunlop and worked well after it turned all very wet. The car ran well, and it was a good reintroduction for Suze driving on stage rallies after a couple years away from that seat. The event was reasonably uneventful, we did catch and pass a number of cars, many of which had more power. Though we did lose some time, stuck behind a number of R2 cars which couldn’t negotiate the hairpins without doing a three-point turn. In the end we finished up 53rd overall & 5th in class

The 2018 MGJ Winter Stages 28a

A few weeks later it was off to another race circuit, this time it was a return to competing at the Goodwood stages, after a few years helping officiate at the event. The day started off nice and dry, however this soon changed and the Dunlop wets were soon needed as the weather turned once again very wet and cold. The event ran smoothly and although we felt the day went well the pace was a down a little from Brands. Class A was particularly full on this event, with many of our competitors carrying a lot more power than our road rally spec spec car, and the flowing nature of Goodwood meaning power is a real advantage. After a long days rallying, which again included some night stages, which are always good fun, by the end of the stage we finished 43rd overall & 9th in class.

The next stage rally is now just a few days away, with a return to Down Ampney a venue we have both enjoyed in the past.

The 2018 South Downs Stages 30


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