ZR Works

The other thing keeping busy during the last few months is a number of jobs being done to (hopefully) make the MGZR safer, more competitive and reliable.

This took up quite a bit of time and energy, and was only completed due to the great work done by Jamie Turner and The Rover Centre of St. Albans.

The following jobs have now been completed :-

  • New clutch
  • Quaife ATB LSD fitted
  • Uprated gearbox mount
  • Seam welded sub-frames
  • Replaced driveshafts
  • Heat shielding and heat wrap added to exhaust where it runs near to the fuel tank
  • Front stut towers plated
  • Rover centre spec, rally springs fitted
  • Uprated wiper washer system
  • Washer bottle relocated to inside the car (smaller bottle & better centre of gravity)
  • Safety Devices Rear roll cage and OMP door bars fitted
  • Drivers seat replaced with a Corbeau racing seat, using OMP seat mounts
  • More weight removed; bonnet bracing removed, and other sound proofing materials
  • Rear beam swop, to one with drum rear brakes (for a working handbrake)
  • Rear strut tops welded & plated
  • Bonnet pins fitted
  • New front wishbones, and polybushes



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