Abingdon Stages

After two busy weekends away with the ZR it was straight into Abingdon Stages, a local event for us it was good to be back out in the Micra.

The entry list for the event was impressive with over 100 cars, seemingly endless minis all of which meant our class had 40 entries in it. Any sort of class result on what is always a power venue was going to be hard going in our road rally spec car.

The day started off quite cool and overcast which was nice as old airfields rarely give any sort of shelter from the elements.

The stages all went off without any major dramas for us, the car ran well and showed its pace well against the rest of the field. The day did warm up come lunchtime which again lead to the gearbox getting very hot. I will have to look into getting some air ducting to cool the gearbox out on the stages, between stages I used an air blower to cool things down a bit.

By the end of the day we finished up 10th in class which given the size and quality of the class was a great result. Thanks to the Lawson’s who let us service next them, borrow their shelters and Neil their service guy who even washed the Micra!

All in all a good days rallying.


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