Debden Targa Rally

After the usual frantic pre-event prep work, it was time to go rallying again. An early start was needed to get to Debden in time for scrutineering and unloading all the spares.

Once signed on we could look at the road book and it was pleasing to see the organisers had worked hard to get access to more of the venue and more of the gravelly sections.

The tests were a good mix of flowing and in places fast, with plenty of tight and twisty sections to keep us on our toes and ensure plenty of use of the handbrake.

The 2018 Debden Midsummer Targa 27

The day was hot as ever for the current weather, luckily although the ZR’s issues with hot running did occur once, this was in between driver changes so we were able to let the car cool down a bit and carry on. Yet more work to manage the heat will carry on to try and irradiate the issue, see ‘the list’ for more info.

The tests were running well, however my cone magnet was on during the day, with one test in particular were some brain fade lead to quite a lot of penalties…

We can all play the ‘what if’ game, however by the end of the event we finished up 7th overall and 5th in class, but playing the ‘what if’ game and without those penalties we would have finished up 2nd overall and only three seconds of the win…

The 2018 Debden Midsummer Targa 11

It is pleasing to know the car is on the pace to be an event winner, I just need to be a neater driver to match the cars potential…


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