Oxford MC – Grass Autotest

Towards the end of a busy weekend which included Goodwood FoS and a visit to Devon to see family, I managed to get back to Oxfordshire just in time for the the annual OMC Grass Autotest and BBQ. This is a fun and relaxed event, as well as a competitive  autotest.

The event runs under two permits, which allows for a PCA (with passengers / someone to nav) and a more normal autotest permit. The tests were simple, flowing and in places you were able to get some good speed up. The surface was unsurprisingly dry, this meant a layer of loose earth and dried grass formed which made the going very slippery and very dusty. Though to be fair nowhere near as slippery as last year which was held in monsoon conditions.

Being just an afternoon event meant there were only four tests, and only the best time from each to count meaning a clean run was important. During the running, I only clipped one number board, not quite hitting a cone but the same penalty (+10 seconds).

Towards the end of the event it was clear it was close at the top and a good result was on the cards. I went into the last run of the last test determined to do well. I threw everything at that run and made up another 0.8 seconds on my previous run. The car was working very well, and it was very enjoyable to be able to throw the car around and be competitive.

In the end I was nearly a second ahead of second place in the Autotest event.



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