Wethersfield Autosolo

Well after nine years of marriage how else are you meant to celebrate your wedding anniversary? A day out at a windy and cold old airfield of course!

After a healthy start of a bacon and egg butty, it was on to walking the four tests. With Wethersfield being such a vast venue it allows for four tests to be running at the same time. Another advantage of this format is that you are always competing moving around between the tests all day.

As normal for the AMSC events, all runs on the test count which means consistency as well as speed is key.

The morning run of tests all went quite well, with both car and driver doing all ok. It was after lunch that things changed… On one of the longer tests, I managed to loose a whole load of time by a) hitting a cone and then wasting yet more time by reversing back and then carrying on. In hindsight (motorsport is full of what ifs!) I should have not even lifted off when I knew I was about to hit the cone. I would still have got the cone penalty but I would have dropped a lot less time overall….. Then it was time for the car to play up as well, the idle control valve started causing issues with the idle speed varying between 1k and 4k RPM! After a bit of fiddling and a complete battery disconnect this solved the issue. It was then on to swapping tyres, before dashing out to do the final set of tests.

By the end of the event I finished up 2nd in class and 13th overall. Sadly photography and videos are not allowed at Wethersfield so no photos or videos this time.


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