Debden Targa Rally – Autumn 2018

It was back out again in the ZR, this time for a Targa rally at Debden airfield for the Bomb along rally.

The event ran similar tests to the event run here earlier in the year, but they varied the layouts. Mostly making the course a lot tighter in place. The ZR is quite a big car (quite wide) and as standard they come with lock limiters on the steering rack mean they have a large turning circle. This meant that the day was spent being very busy with the handbrake just to try and get around the tests.

The 2018 Bomb Along Targa 40

Although the tests were tight, they were also mostly good fun. The ZR mostly behaved itself, although the idle speed continued to vary around and made the drive home quite noisy due to the idle speed varying anywhere between 1500 and 4000 rpm! (Investigations after the event show this to be an issue with the throttle position sensor wiring or something related to the speedo sensor).

After a bit of a slow start we picked up speed throughout the day, and apart from one bot of reversing on one test an almost clear run. After lunch the test times were mostly top 3/5 times.

By the end of the day we finished up 10th overall and 7th in class on a dusty and busy day.

The 2018 Bomb Along Targa 41


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