Wethersfield Stages

Just a week later it was on to Wetherfield airfield for the annual stage rally. Given last year at this event things all got very expensive with a retirement due to clutch issues. This turned out to be a worn out engine and gearbox, which resulted in a lot of work and new parts. So I was hoping to be able to get home all ok without having to limp the car home with a badly slipping clutch like I did last time…

After scrutineering and noise on the Saturday night, it was good to have dinner and a catch up with the main organising team.

The day started off with a bit of rain, which wasn’t forecast nor part of the plan. But a breakfast of a bacon roll and coffee got things off well.

The event used a new service park area, which meant there was a proper link road drive out to the stages. The first couple of stages went well, and the car was running well which was a relief after having a number of running issues in the days leading up to the event. On the Thursday night we ended up changing both the throttle body and the dizzy to solve a cutting out issue.

The 2018 Wethersfield Stages 36a

After two stages and a refuel of coffee and hot doughnuts, we headed out onto stages 3 & 4. The stages were very fast throughout, and in the reverse direction they felt faster still. The car was continuing to work well and Suze’s confidence in the car and the event was continuing to improve.

By the end of the event we finished 24th overall and a very pleasing 2nd in class, so a real turn around from last years event.


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