Wethersfield Autosolo – Part II

Within a week it was time to head back to Wethersfield. This time in the ZR for an autosolo. A slightly slower paced event compared to the stage rally the previous weekend, but still a great way to spend a Sunday.

The event was run by Cambridge Car Club, as part of AMSC. Although we had done an AMSC autosolo at Wethersfield just a month before, this time the tests were really quite different even though they mostly used the same areas of the airfield. The tests this time were a real mix of tight, twisty and fast and flowing. The fast and flowing section better suit my driving and also probably better suit the ZR which is a relatively wide car.

The morning consisted of four tests which were run three times, these went well with the car performing well. I enjoyed the tests especially the faster tests which involved the use of 2nd gear for quite a while.

By lunchtime I was tied to the 0.1 second for the class lead, but in reality I knew this would change as Mark Peterson who we regularly compete with had a large penalty he was working his way back from. I had also managed to hit a guiding cone in the morning, I didn’t even see or notice hitting this cone. Though I am told the marshal had to run out to put the cone back, so there was no hiding it!

The afternoon was two sets of the four test but run in reverse. Some tests in the afternoon felt quite different, but still as much fun.

In the end that one cone penalty came back to haunt me, as I was less than five seconds (the penalty for one cone) from taking the class win. Still it was a good days sport.


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