300 not out….

The build up to my 300th event was not conventional. Leaving my hotel in Jeddah, KSA at 4.45am (2.45am UK time) was hard work, luckily the flight home was faster than expected. Though the same could not be said about getting my luggage back…. A quick dash from Heathrow T5 to home and an hour of catching up on life and work and then it was out on the road to the Essex / Suffolk boarder for a Chelmsford MC 12 Car Rally. The M25 and A12 behaved just as you would expect on a Friday evening and we made it to the start just time for scrutineering. Overall it was certainly the furthest I have travelled to do a 12 car.

The rally was a great challenge in terms of the types of navigation used and the roads used. That part of the world is blessed with many great tight, gravel covered lanes which are ideal for such an event. The ZR behaved itself all night and provided a more than suitable platform when OTL was getting tight and time needed to be ‘made up’.

We along with most other crews missed the very first code board, I must have missed it as two other crews did find it. When it came to the results we weren’t expecting to be placed that high due to dropping a couple of boards and some time. However as they worked their way through them, it was very pleasing to finish up 7th overall (out of 11 crews) and first in class. I must thank Suze who was navving for me for doing so well after a reasonable period away from the maps.

Then it was on to a very long journey home as many parts of the A12 were shut, leading to many diversions. It was gone 1am by the time we got home, just shy of 24hrs after I had awoken many thousands of miles away the day before.

After 300 events in the sport, I still find myself wanting to do more and to still try and improve. I have been fortunate to take away many great results, many highs from various events but ultimately it the people who make the sport that I want to do at least another 300 more events in.


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