Bovingdon Solo

I like the current format of the Autosolo’s at Bovingdon. The morning only running is a noise / planning permission restriction, but with this being a local venue this means you can still enjoy the rest of the day as well as enjoying some good sport.

44729451284_df5e467d71_o - Copy

The event ran in it’s now familiar format of a fast and flowing test and a tight and more technical test. I like both in differing way, the fast and flowing test requires more commitment and of course the speed element is good fun.

However the results from my most recent visit and other visits show that the tight and more technical test is where I can make back the time. I think this is because I like trying to ensure I keep the car flowing throughout the test.

By the end of the event I finished up 2nd in class and 3rd overall.

Here are a couple of videos from the event, the onboard with the data was a test run. Hopefully a new mount will improve the quality of this camera angle.

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