Back to Wethersfield

It was back to Wethersfield once again for another event. This time the final AMSC / CMC Targa rally of the year. Due to the time of the year, and shorter days the event was slightly shorter than other with just three lots of tests.

The tests were all quite short and sharp. However they were some of the best targa rally tests we had done all year. They were clearly well designed, with a need for the navigator to really be aware of what was going on but not so much of a navigation test that it felt like going the right way was a lottery like some events.

The 2018 Bonfire Targa 43a

Due to having to replace the front suspension struts on the Micra we decided to use this on this event. This would allow us to shakedown the new suspension and test damper settings.

This would be the first time out in the car for me driving in nearly a year, so it took me a little while to get used to the car. It was certainly great to be out in such a small car again, though the lack of effective handbrake was disappointing though it probably made my driving neater! Early on I got a cone penalty as I completely destroyed a cone running it over as I locked up in an early test. this cost me ten seconds in penalties and also left me rather cautious for the rest of the day under braking.

The rest of the event ran quite smoothly, with more speed coming along with me getting used to the car again. Grip was at a premium all day, with us using up old Yoko List 1A tyres we had lying around. Most other top crews were running List 1B which are allowed and with it being a cold but dry day this would have given them a fair bit more grip. A move to using List 1B tyres in 2019 really must be considered now…

The rest of the tests ran smoothly and I really enjoyed the bomb dump test which was a real challenge. This test along with another one was quite fast paced, which lead to two tests where most crews beat the bogie time. This was a little disappointing as it reduced the number of tests where I could try and make back time lost in the morning.

By the end of the event, we finished up 12th overall and 3rd in class.



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