This should be a ‘normal’ post Targa event write up, however this is a little shorter….

A new targa rally was setup to run at Rushmoor arena, the venue has been used for rallying and motorsport including stock car racing before never before a targa rally. It is always good to try out a new venue, and the previous targa rally gave good results meaning the pressure was off so we could hopefully enjoy the event.

I ended up seeded at Car 1 which to start with seemed like a disadvantage, and did mean we had to do a bit of waking up of marshals. However the test routes were very clearly set out, and it was clear it had been setup to encourage Autosolo drivers many of whom were on the entry list.

The first run of tests went well, although there was little grip at times where the event was using parts of the venue not used for many years. However….

I was on the start line for the fourth test, I raised the revs, let out the clutch and then BANG and a lot of smoke…. and we were going nowhere. We pushed the car out of the way, and then found (luckily) the smoke was from CV grease on the exhaust and not gearbox oil. The drivers side driveshaft had snapped. It looks like the grease in the inner joint had seized up causing the shaft to snap. Up to now I had run competition spec CV grease in the outer joints which under go a lot more forces. When I cleaned out the inner joint it was clear the heat from the nearby exhaust causes the grease to dry out leading to joint to seize up.

So sadly it was an early bath for us, and we ended up going home on the back of a trailer. Many thanks once again to Haydn for coming to rescue us 🙂


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