Stuck in the mud

The very first event we did in the ZR (the day after we bought it) was a car trial, and we thought we would try it again.

The weather before the event was very wet, and driving to the venue there was a lot of localised flooding. So it was clear it was going to be muddy.


It certainly proved to be a muddy day, and we got stuck many times which required us to be towed out many times including one winching. The venue is normally a MotoX track which meant a lot of steep sections, and some challenging sections which were not really designed for normal cars, but we survived and although we finished near the back of the field. The fact we had a slipper diff, meant we were in our own class so a first in class was the end result from a muddy day.


Luckily there was a jet wash we could use on the way home, although I still removed a LOT of mud from the car whilst sorting out the damage from various moments during the day. To sort some of the damage required some skills I hadn’t used for quite a while. The use of a ratchet strap as a winch to pull out the front of the car. I then repaired the bumper and added additional bracing and strengthening to the front of the car and the spot light mounts.

Old school engineering


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