12 Car

It was nearly two years since I have navigated on a 12 car rally. So just days into 2019 we headed off to take part in a Boundless (CSMA) 12 car which was quite local being just beyond St. Albans.

As a Novice class nav I got the navigation in envelopes for each control, thankfully these had the next control location. This proved to be useful on one section which I could only make work in reverse. The organisers had cleverly used tulips (normally easy nav) and defined a long way round triangle (LWR) which made one junction into three separate instructions. Tricky but clever use of nav by the organisers.


Most sections I could get plotted within a few minutes, which although this meant we dropped time we were collecting all the code boards along the way. There were some good lanes used, and the organisers made good use of the code boards to check all loops, and also positioned them near junctions to add to the navigators work load.

Apart from a few ‘where are we moments’ it all ran relatively smoothly, the car behaved itself and the event was a good pre-Carpetbagger test.

Back at the start / finish pub we found out that we finished 3rd overall and 2nd in class with 0 Fails & 26 Mins.  A great way to start the year 🙂


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