Wethersfield Targa – Kings Lynn

Just a week later it was back to Wethersfield for another Targa Rally, this time though the venue was being used by a new club to the venue Kings Lynn. It was interesting to see how a different club makes use of a familar venue.

It was back to our normal double driving with Suze, but this time with Suze driving first for a change. This meant I had to navigate first and be on my A game straight away on the maps. Luckily all of the tests were clearly laid out, and with a good bit of local knowledge of the venue we got around all ok on Suze’s first run. This chance to learn the tests and also get into the zone competitively.

The day ran smoothly with the car performing well, and the tests all worked well. We both enjoyed the tests which made clever use of the venue and ranged from some short tests to some really quite long tests. We were running well within the top ten and looking at a top 5 result coming from a number of top 10 test results, however on the final run of tests the weather changed and the rain came down. This happened just before we were due to run on the muddiest test, this totally changed the conditions and the semi slick tyres we were running were not really suited to the conditions. I threw the car around as hard and fast as I could manage. At the end of the final long test I was knackered but it was good to throw everything into the car. However the conditions meant that the times would never be fast compared to those who got dry runs, and this dropped us down to 8th overall. Still not a bad result from 75 starters.

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