Debden Targa Rally – Part 2

It was back to Debden for another targa rally. This timed I teamed up with David Lobb navving for him in his Focus ST170 and him navving for me in the ZR.

The organisers had found access to new parts of the airfield and had altered some of the more traditional tests, this was pleasing as the previous events had used the same tests for quite a while.

The 2019 Late Summer Targa 12

Luckily for me I got to drive second, though this does of course put the pressure on for me navving. Luckily we got round all ok with me navving. Going as a second drive does give an advantage as you get to see where you are going. By the end of the first test of tests, I was leading. However I suspected this would change during the day as the second driver advantage is reduced and others would get faster.

The day went by quickly with well designed tests flowing nicely and only short delays to the start of the tests. These short delays actually made the day more social as it gave a chance to chat to the other crews seeded around us.

The 2019 Late Summer Targa 15

By the end of the day I didn’t drop down the order as far as I thought I might, and I finished up 3rd overall and 2nd in class. It was pleasing when checking the results to see I had set 3 fastest test times, and many top 5 test times.

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