Wethersfield Targa Rally – November Edition

It was once again it was back to Wethersfield Airfield for a rally. This time for a targa rally in the ZR. In the build up to the event it was very wet, and the morning was wet and cold. So we opted for some List 1A tyres with far more tread than the sticker List 1B tyres we had to use up. The first sets of tests were good fun, and in places very muddy and gravely so you would imagine they were the best tyres. However the stopwatch doesn’t lie and it was crews on the List 1B tyres who were topping the time sheets.

The rest of the day was a lot dried and with a lot more grip available with us now using the List 1B tyres. The tests were good and flowing and good fun. The bomb dump test was my favorite as it was a good mix of fast and flowing and some technical sections and a chance to try and be brave. During the day I manage a few top 5/10 times which was pleasing. At the end I finished up 12th overall driving with Suze on the maps.


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