Lockdown works

During the enforced lockdown, I have been busy working away on the ZR, whatwas set to be a few little jobs soon became a much bigger task. So over the last couple of month the following works have been done :-

  • Fully seam welded both front sub-frames, including sump guard mounts
  • Gearbox fully rebuild by the Rover Centre
  • New clutch
  • New lightened flywheel ~3.5kgs
  • Repaired cracks in the front chassis legs
  • Fitted new steering rack
  • Ported the exhaust manifold, removing all internal seam welds, then seam welded it on the outside
  • Fitted hyd handbrake & bias valve
  • Welded up and plated the handbrake and hyd handbrake mounts
  • Removed the AC pump, and all A/C parts from the heater unit
  • Removed the dash to remove sound proofing weight
  • Had the dash professionally flocked, and refitted the dash
  • Fitted lighter and more supportive seats
  • Fitted safety film to the side windows
  • Fitted poly bushes to gearbox linkage
  • Fitted quick shift to gear linkage
  • Welded in bracing under the front wings to strengthen the front chassis
  • Designed and made my own rear ARB
  • Completely heat wrapped / lagged the exhaust manifold and downpipes to the cat
  • Converted the navigators electric window to ‘one-touch down’
  • Added a cooling fan to the injector rail
  • Relocated the horn to a more central location
  • Replaced (where possible) all nuts and washers to aluminium items
  • Front suspension struts have been back to Gaz for a rebuild
  • Lightened the tailgate
  • Converted drivers side window to manual from electric

Thorough these works I have removed over 31kgs of weight from the car

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