Debden Targa Rally – Part 2

It was back to Debden for another targa rally. This timed I teamed up with David Lobb navving for him in his Focus ST170 and him navving for me in the ZR.

The organisers had found access to new parts of the airfield and had altered some of the more traditional tests, this was pleasing as the previous events had used the same tests for quite a while.

The 2019 Late Summer Targa 12

Luckily for me I got to drive second, though this does of course put the pressure on for me navving. Luckily we got round all ok with me navving. Going as a second drive does give an advantage as you get to see where you are going. By the end of the first test of tests, I was leading. However I suspected this would change during the day as the second driver advantage is reduced and others would get faster.

The day went by quickly with well designed tests flowing nicely and only short delays to the start of the tests. These short delays actually made the day more social as it gave a chance to chat to the other crews seeded around us.

The 2019 Late Summer Targa 15

By the end of the day I didn’t drop down the order as far as I thought I might, and I finished up 3rd overall and 2nd in class. It was pleasing when checking the results to see I had set 3 fastest test times, and many top 5 test times.

Bovingdon Solo

This would be the first time this year I had been able to get along to one of the Autosolo’s at Bovingdon. Being so local I like to do these events as they are great fun and are less than 30mins from home, and you are done by lunchtime so they don’t take over the weekend.

(c) Nick Cook

(c) Nick Cook

Overall I had a good run, though some rain compromised a couple of runs and a spin on one test did cost me a bit of time. Still it was a good fun event and a chance to get out in the ZR once again.

Catching up

After a busy few weeks, it is time to catch up on a number of events.

The first of which was a hot days rallying at Debden at the WAC Targa Rally, nothing much to write home about results wise finishing just outside the top ten. Though looking back through the results it was pleasing to see a number of top 3 times.

Next up was a change in plans, we had originally planned to do Loton Park but our entries were rejected due to them being oversubcribed, which given we entered in February was surprising…. So we found another hillclimb to do on the same day. This time at Gurston Down. This was only our second hillclimb, these events require very precise driving as well as pushing hard. We used the MGZR and once the venue had dried out the list 1B tyres were the right call. The hill maybe short but it is very intense. By the end of the event, I finished up 5th in class, which given many competitors in our class are there many times a year was pleasing.

(c) Steve Lister

(c) Steve Lister

Next up was two grass autotests just days apart the first was a long and very hot drive to Brands Hatch on the hottest day in the UK ever. The tests were quite short, but after sorting some fuel vapourising issues it was straight into doing the tests. The tests were good fun, and just after we all finished the heaviest thunderstorm came in. Once results were in and we had dodged the rain, I had finished 3rd overall and 1st in class. This was pleasing after a year away from doing any autotests.

Then just a few days later it was on to Oxford MC’s annual grass autotest and BBQ. The tests on this event are a good length and a good challenge. In between the burgers the tests went well and I ended up 4th overall and 1st in class.


It was back to another Bath MC event this year. This time it was a new event for the club, and a new venue. Based at Long Newnton airfield it was an ideal base for a AutoX (think of a sprint around a grass track, over 3 or 4 laps).


The Micra was entered in the road rally class, where we had competition from the Watts family in their road rally MGZR.

The first day was very hot (in fact the hottest day of the year). After the practice runs the grass had soon gone and it was down to a hard well packed surface. We had three timed runs each day and the fastest time from each day counted. As the first day progressed I got faster on each run. Like in sprinting AutoX is good for making you think about what lines to take and how to make back small amounts of time. By the end of Saturday I had a small 0.6 second lead in the class.

Sunday came and the hot weather had gone, and the clouds looked threatening, the forecast was clear, rain was on its way. So we all knew the first runs would be very important. I worked hard on ensuring my first run was both fast, smooth and still enough in reserve that I didn’t spin out or go four wheels off. Chances could be taken later on if needed. By the end of the first runs I had again another 0.6 second lead in the class.

However by now the rain had started and at first it didn’t really make much of a difference but by the time I lined up to start my second timed run it had rained for quite a while and by the second corner I knew I wouldn’t be improving my times. Thankfully it was slippery enough that no-one else could improve either. So I did two final runs in the mud which was very slippery and good fun though very slow.

Thankfully my banker first run on Sunday morning was enough to hold on to the class win, which I took by 1.2 seconds in the end, and finished 13th overall out of 52 starters.

All in all a great weekends motorsport, though cleaning off all the mud took many many hours!



World RX – Demo Rides

Nothing much to post, but once again I was giving demo Autosolo rides at Silverstone as part of the World RX. Here are some video of my demo rides some on-board, which gave me a chance to test out my new Go Pro start/stop lead. Plus some rare external videos.


Wethersfield Targa – Kings Lynn

Just a week later it was back to Wethersfield for another Targa Rally, this time though the venue was being used by a new club to the venue Kings Lynn. It was interesting to see how a different club makes use of a familar venue.

It was back to our normal double driving with Suze, but this time with Suze driving first for a change. This meant I had to navigate first and be on my A game straight away on the maps. Luckily all of the tests were clearly laid out, and with a good bit of local knowledge of the venue we got around all ok on Suze’s first run. This chance to learn the tests and also get into the zone competitively.

The day ran smoothly with the car performing well, and the tests all worked well. We both enjoyed the tests which made clever use of the venue and ranged from some short tests to some really quite long tests. We were running well within the top ten and looking at a top 5 result coming from a number of top 10 test results, however on the final run of tests the weather changed and the rain came down. This happened just before we were due to run on the muddiest test, this totally changed the conditions and the semi slick tyres we were running were not really suited to the conditions. I threw the car around as hard and fast as I could manage. At the end of the final long test I was knackered but it was good to throw everything into the car. However the conditions meant that the times would never be fast compared to those who got dry runs, and this dropped us down to 8th overall. Still not a bad result from 75 starters.

Kemble Targa Rally

After a couple of years away from Kemble it was time to return to Bath MC’s targa at the small but perfectly formed venue. Although the venue is small, it has a real mix smooth tarmac, old school WWII concrete and gravel.

For this event I was out with Lizzie Pope, who has navved for me many times. This meant I would be ‘single’ driving, which is did mean for a more relaxed day’s rallying but it did reduce the advantage you get from seeing the route from the nav’s seat.

The day went well and the car performed well, the tests were enjoyable with a real mix of tight and twisty sections and some real fast sections. The tests involved lapping which during the running of the tests meant we caught some cars mid test. This added a new fun dimension to the driving.

By the end of the day we finished up 5th overall in the Nat B event, and 9th overall in the combined event. Checking through the results, we finished up 2nd overall of the single drivers, which was pleasing.