‘The List’

Below is the ‘To Do List’ for the rally car, like all rally cars they are never quite finished. So this includes the more normal pre-event prep work, but also longer time improvement and/or development work.

  • Oil & filter change
  • Bolt check F/R
  • Check CV joint
  • Bleed front brakes
  • Additional cooling ducting for gearbox
  • Repair third brake light
  • ???

Currently weight removed since initial build (where most weight is removed) : 42.118Kgs

Car weight : June 2016 : 851 kg

Car weight following more weight removal : 850.088 Kg

Micra longer term developments :-

  • New Power steering pump or alternative system like a electric Saxo pump or the Corsa electric column.
  • ITBs
  • 5.1 and a ‘proper’ box
  • Uprated driveshafts
  • ‘under’ wing bracing
  • Source spares, to add to the collection since Micras are starting to get thin on the ground
    • Headlights
    • Dials
    • Heater unit
    • Wiper mech
    • CG3A Engines
    • Spare panels

Some of you may have noticed that we have a new ‘play car’ – a MGZR 160VVC, bought for cheap price to do low key events like targa rallies and autotests etc…

This of course needs a list :-

  • Wash car (in & out)
  • Get rear shocks serviced
  • Remove cone marks
  • Add cooling holes to bonnet
  • Heat wrap exhaust manifold
  • Add heat shield to exhaust manifold
  • Seal up holes in floor pan to stop dust ingress
  • Paint floor
  • Add oil breathers filters
  • Additional mounts to front bumper
  • Make spotlights quick release (add wiring connectors) and remove spots
  • Fit additional cooling fan pulling out air out and new wiring
  • Install 6-point FIA harnesses
  • Test camera
  • Clean air filter and refit for NW sprint.
  • Test fit timing strut