‘The List’

Below is the ‘To Do List’ for the rally car, like all rally cars they are never quite finished. So this includes the more normal pre-event prep work, but also longer time improvement and/or development work.


  • Change oil & filter
  • Bolt check F/R
  • Check CV joints
  • Bleed front brakes, and check front pads
  • Replace rear suspension arms (new adjustable and poly bushed arms)
  • Fit new nav seat
  • Fit map pocket
  • MOT
  • Add new fuel
  • Fit ‘flocked’ clock and trip meter covers
  • Road test

Car weight : June 2016 : 851 kg

266.0 LF 274.0 RF

160.5 LR 150.5 RR

The car had 3/4 of a tank of fuel and was on 14″ Nissan alloys with 155/65 R14 tyres, (roof lining & carpets, which stay in to be road rally legal), tarmac spec sump guard and all four brake cooling ducts.

2021 Weight reductions : 10.01 kgs

Car weight following more weight removal : 840.078 Kg


  • Fit new rear drums and shoes
  • Fit ‘flocked’ clock and trip meter covers

Golf Mk4 1.6 16v – AutoX & Car Trials Car

  • Volt meter
  • Temp meter
  • Remove weight from doors x3 & sound proofing
  • Fit rear spring adjusters
  • Make and fit rear ARB