Foxborough Hills Car Trial

After effectively getting a Rover 25 for free (after a bit of Wheeler Dealer’ing selling cars), which was in a condition that it was running but unlikely to return to the road again (dreaded rust) it would make sense to use it on a car trial.

After a quick bit of work to make it usable and add a sump guard, it was off to the event. The weather leading up to the event was rain, rain and more rain and when we arrived and we saw 4×4 towing cars were having to be towed into the venue we knew it would be a high scoring day.


For car trails the 25 is quite a big car, and in standard trim not best suited to the event or venue however it was great fun to use a car you didn’t have to worry about. So we spent lots of time using the rev limiter and generally thrashing the car around.


As the car isn’t road legal we ended up with all the specially adapted cars, which meant a class result was never going to be great but it was all good practice in finding the grip.

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